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Alibaba depth certification
2013-12-26 10:54:43

Alibaba depth certification

1 Definitions
"Depth certified " products from the Alibaba together internationally renowned third-party certification company, supplier members to create comprehensive ability of the enterprise

authentication service. It is certified by a third party site audit company and a credible certification report . Certified by the supplier , will be available on Alibaba platform -specific

certification logo and content of the report shows , for overseas buyers faster and more comprehensive understanding of suppliers , improve communication efficiency , rapid trust.

2 Depth authentication type

    1, the production capacity of certification trade capacity certification ;

     2, the production capacity of certification ;

    3 , trade capacity certification.

3 depth Certification Features

1 , the content of professional certification : Through the analysis of millions of overseas buyers purchasing experience and habits , e-commerce Alibaba decades of experience in integrated , enterprise information overseas buyers filter out the most attention. Considering the many years of industry certification certification experience , angle system certification industry experts to authenticate the content optimization.

2 , the authentication result authority : the authority of the internationally renowned third-party companies on-site audits, reporting the results of the authority , credibility . Ali Baba in the choice of partners , the company's reputation from the certification , the certification authority, the degree of industry experience in the overseas buyers in terms of assessment , screening out high quality partners to ensure the certification authority and effective results .

3 , showing multiple exposure : Mainstream page display proprietary certification mark ( main page are: Search product page , the product details page , product page search industry , vendors store ) . In the Search page, provide certified suppliers dedicated screening channels , overseas buyers can find certified suppliers. Shop supplier , providing independent certification report area, a comprehensive report shows .

4 , proactive marketing opportunities : Suppliers can download certification report linked to all buyers , can actively marketing and promotion business or product to overseas buyers. Suppliers can also view the download certification report buyers IP information to determine the initial overseas buyers in the background, more good service for key customers .


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