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  • Small VHF Waterproof Case – Classic

    You have bought yourself a new VHF Radio for your boat. Great - however you need to ask yourself two questions - is it waterproof? &does it float? If the answer to one or both of these questions is NO then you need to get yourself an Aquapac100% waterproof VHF Radio case. Once your radio is safe inside an Aquapac you will be able to use the radio as normal. The airtight seal ensures that it will float in water if dropped. [View Details]
  • sealock waterproof dry bags

    waterproof dry bags can be used to store all your clothes or foods as it have large colume.these bags are best to use when going to beaches or activities where stuff get wet easily.These bags can even be use as a float when swimming these are many many way to use these great bags. Get one and try it yourself. [View Details]
  • waterproof backpacks

    waterproof backpack features a wide open mouth at the top, just requiring a roll and buckle procedure for a watertight fit. (Note: Just like all dry bags, Class 3 items are not submersible). [View Details]
  • waterproof hiking bag for travel

    Waterproof hiking bag as the important tool of hiking, strict quality requirements. Not just a backpack can substitute. Because walking involves journey is compared commonly far, time is long, the environment sometimes is relatively poor, so waterproof hiking bag to have back up comfortable, use convenient, material quality good, waterproof and dustproof etc. [View Details]
  • sealock waterproof iphone cases

    Our sealock Waterproof iPhone Cases let you take your music into almost any environment Mother Nature can throw at it. Besides being waterproof and rugged, each case comes with external controls so everything functions as it would outside. [View Details]
  • sealock recommend waterproof camping backpack

    Of course, campinneed to carry things generally not too little, so the waterproof camping bags of volume is larger, with resistant to wear and dirty waterproof etc., because it is hard to expect the weather. [View Details]
  • For your mobile phone to prepare a waterproof phone case

    Of course, there is no surefire way to know if you will be able to save your phone once it has suffered water damage. But there are a few ways to make sure your phone doesn't get damaged in the first place. The first way? Buy a waterproof phone case. [View Details]
  • waterproof backpack for backpacker

    This kind of waterproof backpack can also be used by people who like to go biking since it is able to keep everything dry while one may be commuting via their bicycle or simply happen to enjoy the sport or hobby. [View Details]
  • Travel with A Personality Duffel Bag

    Waterproof duffel bags easy waterproof design,water,pollution,dust, bicycles, motorcycles,large storage space and heavy waterproof material,all outdoor sports enthusiasts Required Equipment keep items dry water proofing. from sealock at [View Details]
  • high-quality waterproof dry bag sack

    waterproof dry bags suitable for all condition adventures, our finest waterproof dry bags with tough material from Taiwan that will protect your belongings and keep them safe and dry, yet trendy design that suits everyone. [View Details]