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  • New Design Waterproof Dry Bag

    New Design Waterproof Dry Bag, using high quality PVC material, 100% waterproof, perfect for swimming, drifting, kayaking, camping and other water sports. - Sealock Waterproof Dry Bags [View Details]
  • waterproof mp5 case

    Waterproof MP3 Case With Waterproof Earphones: The Northcore Multi-purpose waterproof MP3 case is constructed from tough soft matte PVC and is ideal for a range of outdoor uses. The waterproof cover can protect MP3 players, [View Details]
  • sealock organized a beach outdoor activities

    sealock 2012-9-20 organized a beach outdoor activities,in order to test the performance of this product waterproof,types of products on the surface of the water test,one can imagine all of the products have passed the test....... [View Details]
  • waterproof case for camera

    sealock outdoor gear to provide high-quality camera waterproof bag,users can freely underwater shooting capture fantastic underwater photos,in surfing, rafting or diving they can use water depth in the 10-15m …… [View Details]
  • the waterproof drifting bag

    Drifting bag alias: multi-function swimming bag And name: the water kept bag/drifting bag Drifting bag is a kind of new life saving help swimming bag, suitable for the open waters use Multifunctional swimming bag/swimming bag/drifting bag/water items custody bag. Is a life-saving and store content function of most multifunctional swimming bag [View Details]
  • waterproof kindle case

    waterproof kindle case,This is our upgraded version for our popular WaterGuard waterproof kindle case. this version comes with detachable straps for added flexibility, back padding for bump protection. [View Details]
  • Do you find a waist bag ?

    A waist bag is one of those things that can be extremely convenient when the time calls for it but can cause the fashion police to pull you over if you are seen wearing it in certain places. Let’s face it. Most people will only wear these things for for a couple of reasons. The first is because they are out in the wild either camping, hiking, or something that involves a lot of walking. The other reason people will wear these things is when they are traveling outside of the country. For some reason, it’s okay to wear these things when you’re a traveler and not in your own home town. All joking aside, these bags really are convenient so let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having these things as well as what to look for when buying one. [View Details]
  • TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad

    waterproof pouch for ipad ,Built of cutting edge materials and exquisitely designed, the TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad will keep [View Details]
  • sealock give you a waterproof dry bag

    These waterproof dry bags offer the flexibility of storing multiple items, while keeping them dry. As with all our waterproof products, please pay close attention to our waterproof ratings. [View Details]
  • the TPU waterproof waist pack for beach

            The TPU waterproof waist pack for beach Convenient waterproof  waist packs are ideal for day excursions or extended vacations. While the small size appears deceptive, its roomy innermost section contains generous space for necessaries and outer zippered pockets will hold desirables. As an extra enhancement, the majority have a water bottle, which helps to stay hydrated while traveling. dry waist packs alleviate shoulder and neck pain commonly associated with a shoulder bag or backpack. Some have a padded back panel for enhanced ease of wearing. According to personal choice, waist packs either attach to the belt or have an adjustable strap, which extends to 40-50" and ensures a comfortable fit for most waist sizes.                                                                           The waterproof waist pack is the new  fanny pack.  Modern improved versions are obtainable in durable materials that extend the lifetime of the accessory bag, such as PVC mesh 500D, polyester, TPU 420D. If a waterproofed waist pack is desirable, opt for Cordura nylon. Waterproof waist packs are a first-rate choice for fishing, a day at the beach or water sports. The pockets are equipped with water proof zippers that ensure the security for valuables. The small travel waist pack is hands-free with a large carrying capacity to permit peace of mind for short or long trips. People always have things that they need to keep close, which won't fit in pockets.     >>>  The article by Sealock outdoor gear : >>>  Sealock outdoor gear is a professional production design outdoor waterproof equipment:   >>>  more waterproof waist pack products, please visit       [View Details]