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Are you looking for a suitable your waterproof case?
2012-09-24 17:22:16


Waterproof phone case, have waterproof function of mobile phone case, can let ordinary mobile phones have waterproof function, even in the underwater are free to take pictures, get to the Internet, listening to music, watching ebook and a series of water can use function to guarantee a certain depth under the water (10 m15m machine can be normal use).

Now there are a lot of waterproof phone case, it can put your beloved mobile phone package solidly plastered over, as if to cell phone wore a "mobile phone waterproof bathing suit". Let the tide male tide female mobile phone/iPad Cinderella fashion lun namely model, by the majority of young people chase after hold in both hands.

This kind of mobile phone waterproof case not only make small cameras, all kinds of iPhone completely waterproof, more can let waterproof bag clingy iPhone touch screen, touch more comfortable, surf the Internet more freedom, it is more convenient to take pictures. Another common waterproof phone cases also equipped with special waterproof headphones and support, make fashionable personage in underwater can also enjoy wonderful music.

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