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DIY tour--waterproof backpack
2012-09-05 16:48:56

As a major us all the Avatar to release and the government and zhangjiajie travel industry's promotion In recent years, most propbably zhangjiajie this place names in everyone's mind is no longer strange! Here the friend difficult to ask - to zhangjiajie tourism exactly is what play?

If I summed up in two words is: see mountain! Due to the zhangjiajie unique karst landform quartz sand YanFeng forest in the early 1992 years been successfully "world heritage list" has become the za China's first national forest park, the park before the forest coverage rate is high up to 98.2%, this landscape combined with is to zhangjiajie travel will play scenic spot!

Will bring equipment: waterproof backpack,waterproof dry bag and so on.

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