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I want to have a waterproof backpack for travel
2012-09-22 10:42:12

A : I am going to India during monsoon season, my backpack is not waterproof

     I have no intention of buying another backpack

    so would it be crazy to use a 50lt dry bag, the sort with attached backpack straps, instead?

    I travel light and probably won't be moving around too much

    I just makes sense! ... or does it???


B : It depends where your going. If your around town I'm sure you can find shelter during a rain pour. I have put dry bag inside my day bag before to hold passport, camera etc and it worked fine. You loose a little bit of space and only want to put the important things in the dry bag.The dry bags with the straps are not made for carrying long distances with lots of weight as they do not have all the extra padding and clips that backpacks  have. I have seen some rather nice dry bag day bags though.Ponchos work well as they keep you and your backpack dry...the side affect is that everyone looks like a dork in a poncho!

C : My last back pack had a rain cover built in, but my new one doesn't, so I got one from ebay brand new (and they aren't all bright yellow!) Mine is black   and almost wraps around my back pack completely. I then keep valuable things like passport etc. in plastic zip locks, or keep them in my under clothes bag and wear a rain coat (I got a thin raincoat that folds up tiny which worked perfectly for a Brazilian bike ride during a down pour!) I too am visiting India during Monsoon this year.

D : I love dry bags - more than one person have accused me of having an unhealthy obsession with them... But my best suggestion is to pack your valuables in a small lightweight drybag, your clothes in a bigger one (mostly for easy organisation), putting a roll-top pack liner inside your pack, and a raincover for the outside of your backpack. It might seem a little overkill, but the total weight will still be less than a heavy duty dry bag, and the carrying comfort will be sooo much better.

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