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Sealock company two days trip in Xiao La Jia island
2017-09-24 14:39:12

Sealock company two days trip in Xiao La Jia island

From Sep.21~22,2017,Sealock company have two days trip on the Xiao La Jia island, the Xiao La Jia island is located in the Huizhou city,near by the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station.

It is a really beaufiful island.

The first day,we took the bus to the Shenzhen wharf, and ride the speedboat to the island. Ride on the speedboat is really exciting,and you can see the ocean,so beautiful,and you can feel the wave,smell the sea water.Just the wave is a bit large,and some sea water run into our speedboat,but thanks for the Sealock waterproof dry bag and waterproof backpack bag,our gear in the bag all keep clean and dry.And not water run into the bag.

When we reached the island,we can see the soft sand, but just on the hign noon,so it is really hot. We took down our gear and set up out tent,then we were free.

Some girls and boys were swimming and diving,they took the airtight style waterproof dry bag as a swim ring.

Some gilrs and boys select walking on the beach to see the beatiful scenery aound the island.

And the time to the night,we hand and hand to play the game.It is called mix number to the who say,some boys and girls not quick enough,so they had to sing a song or dance.

When the time to the 11:00p.m.It is time to sleep,and we put our gear into the dry bag or backpack to keep the things dry,because it is a bit wet when the night coming.

The second day,we woke up really early,just want to see the sunrise. We took the phone and camera,and climbing to the mountaintop,but unfortunately,the weather is not good,and some darks clouds was bloacking the sunrise.But we still happy,because the top can see the beautiful sea around the island. We were happy to take the pictures use the phone and camera, and then a heavy rain coming, so we have to run from the mountaintop.Forturenately,we had one colleague who took the waterproof backpack,and our phone and camera all put into the backpack. When we down to the beach,our clouth all wet,but our phone and camera in the backpack is still dry.

After one hours,we need leave the island. I think we will remember this trip.It bring us so much fun.

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