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The story of travelling
2012-09-06 15:44:44

Snow mountain, plateau, pasture, the blue sky, the white clouds... In yushu, the owner of the BMW3 li Ming, a clank iron character of man, what made him sad tears in a dream, what let gallop car win passers-by favorable thumb?

 As a BMW love fund love warm yushu volunteers, the owner li Ming himself to the recipients object sanchi cuo home was to his lifelong unforgettable family visit...

Small sanchi cuo home only the mother, grandmother and younger sister, family four mouth people in the young mother had leprosy, no labor ability, grandma because of the earthquake scarred and long-term bed, to be precise is a lie! Sister didn't registered permanent residence, food completely rely on national relief, the whole family only a small head cows, milk and cow dung is the only low income! See the family so difficult, the in the mind is really uncomfortable......

Li Ming firmly determined to underground again for sanchi should continue to troubleshoot a, old and young, with love for sanchi cuo and family bring a warm home, If in some of the support, sanchi cuo and family moved into the new MianZhangPeng, grandma had really is bed, the fire also prosper, sanchi cuo grandma happy, small sanchi cuo face also show no evil innocent smile!

Sanchi cuo now study result not only in one class, and she is still in the composition contest in yushu received the first prize in the...

Li Ming said: in the BMW love family you will feel warm, there is a sense of belonging, not only purify the heart, more can let you have a pleasant, yue oneself heart! In the back to Beijing road, roadside complete N people blunt I thumb up, I know that is the approval of the car, but for love praise.

In fact, li Ming and sanchi cuo family about the warm family story is BMW love fund established in the third anniversary of a love story of a, it enriched the society, enterprise of social vulnerable groups of love, show BMW in China's sustainable development strategy, the core of the people-oriented enterprise social responsibility become the indispensable part of the vision!

Three years BMW love fund in the environmental protection, culture, education, etc countless rich fruits, made a series of remarkable achievements. Three years BMW love fund is as a comprehensive enterprise social responsibility platform, sustainable land condensed and drive BMW love family practice to the Chinese society of commitment!

Travel will bring equipment:waterproof bag,waterproof backpack,waterproof mountain bag,waterproof map bag and so on .

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