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Treat sorehead
2012-09-06 16:27:57

In Japan travel, one night, guide tanaka suddenly find us, said a friend shop will be closed tomorrow, I'd like to speak to our help to buy something. The store will be closed means that store to clearance, there must be a lot of things at a discount sale, can pick up a lot of bargain, the busy worth help. So we thought, was quick to promise. Many people think of the counterparts in the domestic cat discount sales experience, can not help but regret with less money.

Came to the store, indeed as expected gathered a lot of people, their respective chose a cart full of goods waiting for payment. We forcibly crowded into the store, soon discovered the goods did not discount promotion, but with the price of other shops no difference, loss arises spontaneously. We randomly selected a two small commodities, go out to wait tanaka.

Half an hour later, see tanaka carrying two big bag goods out, we discontentedly asked him: "how does the shop goods don't discount?"

Tanaka stared us, for a long time to say: "all the things here are the real thing, why to discount?"

We don't know how to answer, it is a woman responds quickly, changing the subject asked: "since the price with the usual, why do you come here to buy so many things?"

TianZhong smiled, slowly said: "the shop will be closed, so we have to buy things, so the boss won't be too depressed, perhaps will soon start all over again. Don't come down in the world for the cheap, this is a kind of high accomplishment!"

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