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Digital camera waterproof bag—digital camera waterproof equipment
2012-09-27 16:43:25

 digital camera waterproof bag

Why the need for a waterproof bag

Damp and flooding water is digital camera of a natural enemy, meet all kinds of wet or have rain water environment, the camera waterproof bag is sent went up use.This kind of product can make digital camera from the wind and frost, rain, snow, sand, and surf, moisture, sweat harm, the owner of the camera to don't have to worry about the water-sprinkling festival on the desert wonders and a whirling dust bad environment, etc.

  • The principle of waterproof camera bag

Most of the camera waterproof bag all have good waterproof performance. They're like the camera's life jacket, If not be careful fall into water it is able to float on the surface of water.Due to the widespread use of the the new material and manufacture of the special treatment for the salt of corrosion is immune, so also can be used in the sea.And the most important thing is, most waterproof bag have a good seal conditions.Most manufacturers that dare to 5 meters water depth waterproof performance to meet the daily needs or absolute enough.Of course, even so, the friends who like take photo also absolutely can't take waterproof bag trust of filming in diving.For according to design concept to see, waterproof bag is still the main function of waterproof, for real diving shot and not designed.If the economic conditions permitting, can also buy special waterproof cover. Cooperate with the device, we can realize the real diving shooting.

  • Use waterproof bag of 4 military regulations
    1. Every time use waterproof bag before, should make a waterproof test, and check for damage part, especially seal and around.
    2.  After each use waterproof bag, should check and seal quarrel, and avoid strong pound and cut, and don't under high temperature to a permanent use.
    3. In carelessly fall into water after, such as the need to take out the camera, must make seal down, avoid residual moisture into the waterproof set inside.
    4. Most waterproof bag is only applicable to 35 degrees or so the temperature, even if is the condition allows, but also not in the hot spring in use.


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