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What is “waterproof pouch” mean ?
2012-10-18 17:27:47


We often see “camera waterproof pouch” , ”phone waterproof pouch” , ”map waterproof pouch” and so on . and do you know what is mean ?

Yes , it is a kind of special bag, from a kind of waterproof material make it . It can protect your goods were not get wet. Make you play better .

Before we go swimming,we can’t do anythings. The purse, cell phone and so on some valuables with you can’t take. Because be afraid to be wet, we don’t like it..

Now the ipad and iphone are more and more common. We all want to take them to go swimming. Enjoy sunbathing.

So, we need something to protect them and let them can work normally in the water.This things is “waterproof pouch”!

Do you understand ?

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