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sealock Dry tube bag
2012-10-04 11:46:01

sealock Dry tube bag

Getting your belongings wet when you're hanging out on the beach, chilling by the pool or circumnavigating the globe by yacht is an occupational hazard. Soggy tenners, short-circuited gadgetry, drenched clothing, soaked sandwiches; that clear wobbly stuff we call water gets everywhere, doesn't it? 

So how do you keep your powder dry when you're messing about on, or near, the water? No, you don't bung everything in a knotted plastic bag and hope for the best. You pack your gear into an sealock Dry Tube Bag. 


patented seal system

Roll the top over four times
Then close with the buckle to seal

These revolutionary receptacles have been created to keep contents 100% dry, so they're perfect for beach bums, campers, watersport lovers and festival fans. Constructed from nylon-coated tarpaulin and sealed tight via an ingenious Fold Seal System™, sealocks are durable, wipe-clean and easy to store when not in use. Available in various sizes you're sure to find an sealock that fits the bill. 

With their yellow or red colouring, sealock look like the kind of thing the Hoff might have slung over his shoulder back in the Baywatch days. Okay, you're unlikely to bump into Pamela Anderson on Clacton beach but at least you can relax, safe in the knowledge your sealock is keeping your knick-knacks dry. 




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