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sealock give you a waterproof dry bag
2012-10-22 17:32:13

These waterproof dry bags offer the flexibility of storing multiple items, while keeping them dry. As with all our waterproof products, please pay close attention to our waterproof ratings.

If you follow a few guidelines there’s no reason

why anyone should notice that your photos were taken through a case.

It’s a bit like taking a photograph through ,your window at home.First of all the window needs to be as clean as possible. Even with a clean window you may notice some reflection,but the closer you hold the camera lens to the window, the less the reflection,Similarly our cases give best results with the lens window tight against the camera lens.

Try to avoid flash photography but if you do need to use the flash, make sure that the case is tight over the flash so the light doesn’t reflect back into the lens.

Keep the lens window clean and avoid scratching it.Try to look after it the same way you look after your camera lens.

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