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sealock organized a beach outdoor activities
2012-11-01 19:59:11



                    sealock 2012-9-20 organized a beach outdoor activities,in order to test the performance of this product waterproof,types of products on the surface of the water test,one can imagine all of the products have passed the test,this flash test barrel bag in the surface of the water on the beach after storms,100% waterproof sealing perfectly this time to test the Ipad waterproof case,after repeated several times around 10m water depth,all through the company sealock conventional waterproof test,confirmed the authenticity of the company's waterproofing products,ha ha! put a colleagues company's photograph.



ipad waterproof case for the water





The Ipad waterproof case  provided by Sealock outdoor gear

We also provide other waterproof products: such as waterproof case Please continue to pay attention to Our products, we will be the first time the update of new products

sealock outdoor gear!!

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