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sealock waterproof iphone cases
2012-09-18 15:14:16


Our sealock Waterproof iPhone Cases let you take your music into almost any environment Mother Nature can throw at it. Besides being waterproof and rugged, each case comes with external controls so everything functions as it would outside.

Made of polyurethane with a clear acrylic panel that covers the phone's display, the Case Marine can be installed on an iPhone 4 or a Galaxy S2 in less than five seconds, protecting it from water to a depth of over 32 feet. And the touchscreen is of course still completely accesible and usable while the phone's inside.

We have custom cases for most of the Apple line. So if you need a case for your iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod classic we probably have you covered... and if you can't find a custom case, we have our Amphibx Waterproof Armbands as an option too.

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