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waterproof case for camera
2012-10-31 20:36:36



                         sealock outdoor gear to provide high-quality camera waterproof case,users can freely underwater shooting capture fantastic underwater photos,in surfing, rafting or diving they can use water depth in the 10-15m, personal design perfect camera together lightweight tpu green material,soft materials can be maintained at minus 30 degrees,plus patented waterproof technology more sealed airtight,to the camera to provide the most complete waterproof protection in the front side of the bag has a transparent film,into the camera,HD shooting, can be used on the inside this is a camera waterproof versatility easy to use, easy to carry.

so! if you have a camera,very necessary to have a camera waterproof bag,to secure protection for your new camera,no matter where you are!when you are at the beach!

want according to his family a few photos?or you travel just rain,so!this camera waterproof is really helpful to you,you use the camera in humid weather,leaving finest hour.

Waterproof camera, underwater waterproof



The Camera waterproof  case  provided by Sealock outdoor gear

We also provide other waterproof products: such as waterproof case for camera

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